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Tried and True: Pulse Oximeters in Pediatric Urgent Care

PM Pediatrics Chooses Oximetry Solutions from Nonin Medical

Nonin Medical 6000CN Sensor on Pediatric Foot

PM Pediatrics provides after-hours care, filling the gap between the doctor’s office and the emergency room. Its mission is to deliver superior quality care with reasonable wait times. The company has 19 locations in New York, New Jersey and Maryland; it has served more than 1.7 million patients from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, plus more than a dozen countries worldwide.

Its trained specialists, including pediatric emergency physicians and board-certified pediatricians, treat newborn through college-age patients in urgent situations. Those range from earaches, fevers, infections, and abdominal pain to dehydration, asthma, fractures, and wounds requiring stitches.

Providers at PM Pediatrics work to minimize pain and unnecessary tests, instead making extensive use of noninvasive diagnostic and monitoring tools. Staff members use handheld pulse oximeters and portable oximeters to get quick and accurate measurements from patients of all ages and sizes in unpredictable patient situations.

According to Dawn Richy, RN, BSN, director of clinical operations for PM Pediatrics, pulse oximetry is critically important in pediatric medicine—but presents some of the most challenging conditions for its use. Infants and children are often restless and afraid; and young patients in distress may have low perfusion; and dark skin tones can be more difficult for some pulse oximeters to read accurately.

To make the most effective use of noninvasive monitoring, PM Pediatrics care providers often show children how they use a pulse oximeter. This both provides a useful distraction and encourages the patient to stay still long enough for an accurate reading.

After her staff had frustrating experiences with oximeters and sensors from different manufacturers, Richy tried Nonin Infant Flex System pediatric pulse oximetry equipment for testing. Nonin 8000SS Small Soft Sensors and Nonin 8008J Infant Flex Sensors and Disposable Wraps allowed staff members to gather reliable data from infants and children in distress.

The Infant Flex System from Nonin Medical: Reusable Flex Sensor and Disposable Wrap

  • 8008J Infant Flex Sensor

  • 8008JFW Infant FlexiWrap®

  • Infant Flex System (2–20 kg / 4.4–44 lbs)

Staff members tested the Nonin equipment with a full range of conditions. They were impressed with the reliable performance of Nonin sensors across their entire patient population. The Nonin equipment captured accurate readings from young patients who presented with severe respiratory distress, even if they were squirming or crying. The sensors feature user-friendly adhesive, are cleanable for reuse, and work with the smallest infants and children.

Richy said the training and implementation process helped PM Pediatrics staff members understand the use and handling of Nonin Medical equipment, making the transition quick and easy. She specifies Nonin Medical oximetry products within PM Pediatrics and recommends them to her colleagues.

To learn more about PM Pediatrics and its choice of Nonin Medical solutions, visit http://www.nonin.com/documents/110932-001_PMPediatricsCaseStudy.pdf